Our Unique Approach


Khalifah Method

All aspects of school life is run according to the full Khalifah Method, which is traditional knowledge and practices of Islamic educational methods combined with very powerful techniques of modern psychology using the Laws of Learning by which all human characteristics develop.

Khalifah Method is implemented in these ways:

1. Khalifah Method syllabus is being taught to all students since Year 1. This syllabus is unique only in Khalifah Model School learning which will empower students to play an active role in shaping their behaviour and positively influencing others around them. In this subject, the students will learn about creation of the universe, humans as Allah’s special creations, the three khalifah responsibilities, contemplation, and many more.

2. Khalifah Method is seen in the way teachers interact with the students. Khalifah Method encourages the almost exclusive use of directed positive influence with almost no punishment.

3. Khalifah Method is embedded in school programs such as clubs, school activities, empowerment program, and leadership program. Students are reminded all the time of their roles and duties as a khalifah on earth.

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Spiritual Emphasis

Remembrance of Allah is highly emphasized and internalized in all activities at school

1. Khalifah Insert: KMS follows the KSSR syllabus under Ministry of Education. However, this does not restrict us from making the lessons meaningful. In each lesson, students are connected to their Creator by introducing ‘khalifah insert’ in their lesson plans. Teachers connect the lessons with an ayaat or ibrah from Al-Quran, a hadith, or as simple as contemplating on the greatness of Allah. This way, students will build their taqwa and connection with Allah.

2. Khalifah Method class.

3.Solat in Jemaah Daily: At KMS, Solat time is not just another routine. It’s the time we nurture love for solat in the hearts of our students. We also empower them to lead the azan and prayers so as to inculcate confidence in them to lead the prayers wherever they may be.

4.Dhuha Project: As a reward for students who come early, they get to make zikir, listen to stories from the Qur’an, and perform solat Dhuha at school.

5.Optional Hafazan Qur’an: Other than the hafazan of Juzuk ‘Amma they do in class, students are given the opportunities to memorise important surah from the Qur’an such as Al-Kahf, Al-Waqiah, Al-Mulk, As-Sajdah, and Yasin.


Student Empowerment

This program provides them with opportunities to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to their leadership abilities and take care of the school at the same time. The students learn cooperation, teamwork, sharing and caring for one another too.

1. Schoolwide empowerment program: Year 2 until Year 6 students are given the choice to participate in one of the 17 projects available for them. One of such projects is Kindness Rangers. Our Kindness Rangers are always on the lookout for students who do good at school throughout the day to be acknowledged during school assembly. They beat one another in their quest to search for most good around them. Hence we do not have prefects !

2. Senior students empowerment: Upper primary students are empowered to serve the meal to younger students and help them to clean up after each meal. The senior students do everything from carrying the food and drinks to cleaning up after meal. They also make sure that no food is wasted. This activity not only teaches them responsibility but also caring and being of service to others. The solat time is also managed by the students from arranging the sejadah, monitoring and facilitating the younger students to take wudhu’ properly and read their du’a after wudhu to being the bilal and imam.

Beyond Classroom Education

1.Financial Intelligence Program: Students learn to be financially disciplined and are empowered to create good money habits. They are also given training on how to start their own social enterprise to give back to others.

2. Edutrips: Our edutrips are conducted a few times a year to enrich and broaden our students’ knowledge as well as encourage the students to connect to their Creator by observing nature. The lessons from the textbooks come to life as they embark in learning by doing.

3. Social and Community Responsibility: Annually, KMS will organize programs that will enable the students to contribute to the communities around us. We have organized a few Jumble Sale activities by collaborating with Ampang Biggest Jumble Sale. We have also organized clean ups or gotong-royong of the neighbourhood, Ramadan Sweet treat for the neighbours and refugees and many others. The activities are aimed to give hands on experience for our students as to how a Khalifah can contribute to the community around him.

4. Lifeskill Clubs: Our structured annual survival camps prepare students with basic survival skills. They learn to catch their own fish and cook them too! Part of the Year 6 annual program is to organize their own backpacking trip using public transport. It is always interesting to see how they manage their budget and come up with delicious menu for themselves throughout the trip.

financial intelligence (3)

Nurturing Leaders

At KMS, school is not just another institution to groom the citizens before they enter the highly industrialised world. A school is a place children build their foundation of life. Recognising this, we have come up with programs to ensure our students grow up as responsible young leaders.

1. Public Speaking Program: In nurturing our students to become articulate and confident individuals, students take turns to present topics of their interest in class and during assembly. They are also entrusted to become the Master of Ceremony in all school programs.

2. Annual Leadership and Survival Camp: As students enter their Upper Primary years, they go through a series of Leadership Camps that are designed to teach them basic survival and life skills.

3. Brothers and Sisters Circle: Upper Primary students have weekly halaqah during which they discuss issues that are close to their hearts such as challenges they face as teenagers, preparing for adulthood, and many more.

Celebrating Fitrah

At KMS, school is a nurturing ground for the children to grow up mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. We strive to ensure that our students’ needs are met.

1.Recess time and free play: Numerous studies have shown that free, unstructured play is essential for children’s development. A study done among elementary school children found that having at least one recess period of more than fifteen minutes daily is associated with improved classroom behaviour. KMS has been implementing recess time since 2017. 25-minute recess period is allocated daily and the students are allowed to engage in activities of their choice be it to read, to play outside or inside the school. One of the wonderful things about our recess time is we have volunteers amongst parents to monitor this period. Classroom behavior has since improved tremendously.

2. Balanced and Nutritious Meal: Every student is provided with balanced and nutritious meals at school. The menu is verified by our own member of Board of Governors who is an expert in food technology. Good nutrition plays pivotal role in ensuring that a child develops optimally. The students are empowered to choose to eat right and taught not to waste food.

3. Small Teacher to Student Ratio (1:8): We value the personalized approach that we give to students. Thereby number of students is kept small – not more than 20 students per class.

Strong Parent Collaboration

The founding members of the school consisted of a group of parents who believed in the vision that the school carries. Ever since the inception of this school, teachers and parents have always worked closely together in carrying this mission. It is through the help of some parents that we are able to purchase the current building we are in. Alhamdulillah, we have become a community school where parents are very much involved in the education of their children. Volunteerism amongst the parents are remarkable. Every year, we see an increase in the number of our parent volunteers.

Parents volunteer by:

  1. Becoming members of the PTA.
  2. Organizing events for the school (such as Sports and Family Day, Teacher’s Day, Iftar and many more) and setting up task force for the school expansion plan.
  3. Relief teachers for recess duties and reading programs.

Continuous Parent and Teacher Training

We believe that when the school and parents are consistent with the method they use to nurture the children, the positive effect will be much greater. Children benefit greatly when parents continue the positive environment at home.

It is for this reason that all parents go through a Khalifah Method Parenting Course when they enroll their children at Khalifah Model School. On top of that, the school organises serial parenting talks so that parents gain the necessary knowledge for them to carry out their role effectively.

Each teacher will go through a minimum of 40 hours of training throughout the year on Khalifah Method knowledge and other state of the art teaching practices to ensure they give their best in their engagement with the students. Our training system and module has shaped teachers to become passionate teachers who are kind and caring.