Our Humble Beginning


The late Prof Muhammad Al’ Mahdi, Founder of Khalifah Institute and Khalifah Method, mooted out the idea to set up KMS in April 2005. After setting up Khalifah Institute, Khalifah Model School was the last project of the late Prof Muhammad Al’Mahdi that he himself had personally overseen. A school, he believed, would be the best platform of knowledge and skills transfer. The aim was to demonstrate the high degree of success possible by the full implementation of Khalifah Method in a school environment.

The school started in 2006 in a two-storey bungalow house with only 6 teachers and 26 students for the first intake. It was a humble beginning and the number of students steadily increased over the years. By the end of 2009, the school had to relocate to a more conducive building to meet the growing number of students. That was when we acquired the current 3-storey building that, after a series of renovations, is able to fit in 12 classrooms and the 184 students that we now have. The current building is capable of housing a maximum of 190 students.

Every year the number of applicants for Year 1 class will be more than 100. Whereas the current Year 1 classrooms allows us to accept only a maximum of 40 students. Despite remaining low key for most of our operational years, we receive constant high demand for enrolment all through word of mouth promotion by the parents who are happy with the progress made by their children at school.

To date, 129 alumni have graduated from our school and are doing well in their respective institutions.

Governed by Khalifah Education Foundation, our school is run on a not for profit basis and all revenue from school fees is used to invest in maintaining and developing our school’s human resource and facilities so as to ensure our students receive good quality education.

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