Moving Forward


Due to our unique, practical and applicable method of education, our annual student’s enrolment has been increasing over the years. We started with only 26 students in 2006 and house more than 186 students today. The school is currently located  in a residential area at Taman Ampang Utama. Based on the growth rate, we envisage that the number of students will grow to approximately 360 students over the next two years.

It is the vision of  our  founder,  Almarhum  Prof. Muhammad Al Mahdi to make Khalifah Model School a community school, – a school that supports, enriches and empowers the community around us. Ideally, Khalifah Model School would like to host a minimum 20% of deserving students.  In addition to that we need to invest in expanding the school. Having good facilities for the school to create the right environment for current and future students to receive a holistic education and attract as well as retain an excellent team of teachers.


Our dedicated team of expansion taskforce consisting of mainly the parents of Khalifah Model School has launched a waqf fund for the above objectives. We would like to invite potential sponsors to invest in our waqf fund. The fund will be used to expand the school. In addition to that, the investment proceed form the Waqf fund will be used to sponsor the deserving students as we have seen how our former students benefited from our program. We would definitely like to offer more deserving students to benefit from our system.

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