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Khalifah Method was founded by the late Prof. Muhammad Al’Mahdi Jenkins who held doctorate degrees in Child, Clinical, and Experimental Psychology as well as trained in nuclear electronics. His dedication to science and truth led him towards the conviction that God exists.

Through his extensive research and knowledge, he came up with a hypothesis that, “If you were to give to any individual or social group just two things: a positive, accurate, and motivational worldview, plus a good understanding of the Laws of Learning by which all human characteristics are developed; then that individual or social group would move naturally and inevitably toward everything good and right.”

Prof. Muhammad migrated to Malaysia from the US in the late 1990’s. Having been to several other countries prior, he believed that Malaysia has the potential to become a model for other countries to emulate as it has been a success story among the Muslim countries and third world non-Muslim countries. He has since set up Khalifah Institute in 2004 as a platform to disseminate Khalifah Method and upon his demise, this effort is continued and propagated till this day by the Khalifah Education Foundation.

Prof. Muhammad established KMS in 2006 and aspired to make it a model community school that provides a good quality education which focuses on character, spiritual and academic excellence.  He envisioned for committed members of the society to set up similar schools throughout the country and globally either as a community school or a private school.

“We want to send out(to the society) from our Islamic schools students whose brilliant minds, kind manner, hard work, social rightness, and spiritual practice will enable them to succeed, even in today’s secular materialistic society; that they will be as beacons of human rightness respected and admired by all who meet them

Prof. Muhammad Al’ Mahdi Jenkins

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