Principal’s Note



Khalifah Model School Primary is a welcoming and dynamic community that provides exceptional education in a faith-filled environment. We are committed to the development of the whole child – intellect and spirituality, social and physical. We know this multiple focus prepares students who are ready to meet the academic and life challenges of high school and beyond. Most importantly, the experience of faith and service leads our students to a greater love for Allah, understanding of their purpose in life as Khalifah of Allah and an appreciation for the value of others.

We really believe that learning should be fun and engaging. Having teachers using Khalifah Method in teaching and communicating with the students provide them with a loving and stimulating learning experience too.

At Khalifah Model School, we have always emphasized student character development in our approach towards education. Our goal is to nurture every child into a confident person, a self–directed learner, a concerned citizen and an active contributor who is well grounded in their faith. We celebrate those who are kind to their teachers and friends. We believe each child is a precious gem and each has his own potential to be nurtured to be the best Khalifah he can be.

We are committed to bringing together dedicated teachers, engaged parents, and inquisitive and motivated students. We know this is a formula for success.

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