Our Profile


The Khalifah Model School is a community school where parents and teachers work hand in hand to establish a model school that is run using Khalifah Method. Khalifah Model School offers a holistic education which covers the National curriculum; Diniyyah courses such as Qur’an, Hifz, Arabic Islamic Studies; co-curricular activities and martial arts.

We believe in empowering our students to play an active role in shaping their behaviour using Khalifah Method. It is our aim to showcase that Khalifah Method is a universal method that is applicable regardless of the school setting and independent of the syllabus used at school.

Our Vision, Mission & Motto


To be a premiere school in utilizing Khalifah Method in raising children to be excellent Muslims


To shape students towards excellence: high taqwa, motivated to learn, choose to do good and refrain from wrong.


“Shaping Excellent Character”


Perfect self, society and physical world
Enjoin right, Forbid Wrong
Beautiful Words and Wisdom


All aspects of the school life will be run according to the full Khalifah Method. This will include the traditional knowledge and practices of islamic educational methods combined with very powerful techniques of Modern Islamic Psychology using the Laws of Learning by which all human characteristics develop. The Khalifah Method relies heavily in the style of interaction with and training of children according to the sunnah of or beloved Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him).

The positive benefits of this warm and loving , although firm, method of relating to children will be maximized by directing all communication with children according to the Laws of Learning, given to us as a Mercy by Allah to enable us to guide ourselves and others toward all that Allah has told us is right in the Islamic way of life.

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